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Oh weekends!

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Jun. 2nd, 2014 | 07:09 pm
mood: determined

As with any other change in eating habits I have ever tried, the weekends on the stimulock system are just difficult. The goal of stimulock is to eat and take your drops at as close to the same time of day as you can every day. I was pretty busy this weekend, and I wasn't able to take eat on my usual week day schedule. I managed to go out for food twice AND DID NOT CHEAT! I ate only what I was allowed to eat. It took a lot of will power. We went to Outback, which has awesome cheese fries, and Cafe Josephine, which has the best ribeye ever. But I refrained.

Then yesterday I was visiting my family out of town, and my cousin was having a birthday party for one of her sons. Cupcakes with icing piled on top nearly doubling the cupcake's height. I could smell the sugar! But I resisted that as well.

In fact, as much as I wanted to eat a cupcake, I had absolutely no intentions of caving and never once considered it. The most difficult part about it was listening to everyone's comments about the diet. They weren't necessarily being negative, but not exactly supportive either. Oh well though. Hopefully I've explained the diet to just about everyone that would possibly ask me about my eating habits.

My fiance bought a new scale this morning. Seems like everytime we would step on the old one, we'd get a different weight. It was pretty frustrating. I don't know why, but I can't just trust the first number I see. I always have to step on again, just to confirm it was right. This one measure BMI, body fat, and water. I'm all out of whack. I'm really ashamed at just how high my BMI is right now. The goal is to get that into a better range. Hell, I'll be happy with the overweight range instead of the severely obese or even just obese. Long ways to go for that.

Carrying on...

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